Objective of the collection of used batteries: 45 %

Due to the European Directive Nr 2006/66 of September 6th, 2006 , the countries of E.E.C. will have to collect 45 % of their used batteries.

In 2009 in Europe, only 20 % of 190.000 tons that were put on the market have been collected …

However, after interviewing the visitors in professional exhibitions, we found out that they all have the same wish:

“I would like to find places to put my used batteries on my daily route “.


And a lot of them deplore the fact that they do not have the possibility to do this civil act easily, and they wonder:

“Where are the collection points?”

Since 1997, we have delivered 17.500 containers in supermarkets, town halls, companies, collectivities, schools and institutions (Civil Service – Ministry…)

But, if we want to reach the objective of 45 %, it is necessary to multiply the collection points and to install them in every places where people pass by (Entrance halls of apartment buildings – every types of shops – Hospitals – Care centres – Retirement Houses – Activity offices – Primary schools – High schools and universities classrooms – Entrance halls of train stations – Airports – Cinemas – Meeting rooms – Restaurants – Hotels – Waiting rooms – etc.)


The containers that can be set up in these places where a lot of people are passing by every day must be meeting particular conditions that ally security, quality and maintenance easiness.


In order to answer to these technical, esthetical and security requirements, we have decided to create a new container by plastic injection:

  • Design
  • Locking of the top (delivered with 2 keys)
  • Wall fixing (with screws and plugs)
  • Antitheft system
  • High resistance to acids, alkaline soaps, and saline solutions
  • Capacity: 3 liters




191 allée Lavoisier, ZI Molina La Chazotte


Tél : (33)4 77 47 59 59
Fax : (33)4 77 47 59 60

The “Borne Murale”


An efficient solution to reach the objective of 45 % of collection of batteries in 2016.

Adopt this wall receptacle !

Thanks to its design, security, its small size and its ease-of-use, it can be put up in every place where people pass by.
Let’s multiply collection points !